The Okawa Foundation for Information and Telecommunications (The Okawa Foundation) is a public interest corporation founded mainly by the late Isao Okawa, one of the pioneers of the IT industry in Japan who established CSK Corporation (one of the predecessors of the present SCSK Corporation).

The Okawa Foundation’s mission is to promote and seek the development in the field of ICT through such means as awards and research grants, and to further international academic and cultural exchanges in this area. In the 25th year of its foundation, 2011, the Okawa Foundation was certified by the Japanese Government as “a public interest incorporated foundation”. We intend to continue reinforcing our public interest activities in order to contribute to the building of an advanced information society as well as the realization of global peace and social prosperity.


The Okawa Foundation has as its mission the promotion and development in the field of ICT through awards and research grants as well as efforts to nurture researchers, engineers, and providers. It also seeks to promote diversity and ubiquitousness of human communication and thereby contribute to the peace and prosperity of humankind.

(1) Granting awards to the people who made distinguished contributions to the field of ICT
(2) Providing grants to researchers in the field of ICT
(3) Hosting symposiums, workshops, lecture sessions, and other events related to ICT
(4) Other necessary activities for the Okawa Foundation to fulfill its mission